Our Foundation

In 1982, Myrna and Phil Aiello – Deaf entrepreneurs – founded Abacus N Bytes, Inc., creating the foundation for the iYellow Group. As Abacus N Bytes grew, it became TCS Associates with two main services: Information Technology hardware and software services and Assistive Technology services designed to support those who are blind, visually impaired, and DeafBlind.

Aiello family outside storefront

Image Description: Phil Aiello, Myrna Aiello, and their daughter Jessica Moseley (age 1) outside of their first retail store in Greenbelt, MD in 1982.

In 2005, TCS Associates added interpreting services, launching the beginning of a new era for TCS Associates, focusing solely on Assistive Technology services and sign language interpreting. Ultimately, this led to the creation of two separate companies: TCS Access and TCS Interpreting.

In 2020, Jessica Aiello, created the iYellow Group, bringing together iYellow Access (formerly TCSAccess), iYellow Interpreting (formally TCS Interpreting), and iYellow Captions under one holding company.

The combined capabilities of all three companies position the iYellow Group to serve the Deaf, blind, visually impaired, and DeafBlind communities unlike any other company. iYellow Group is led by founder and CEO Jessica Aiello and COO Jane Gelman.

man and woman speaking in front of a room of people

Our Values

Breaking Barriers in Communication

iYellow Group is a group of woman-owned companies committed to breaking barriers in communication for the blind, Deaf, and DeafBlind communities we serve.

Equitable Access

Breaking barriers in communication for the blind, Deaf, and DeafBlind communities we serve.

Celebrate Differences

We celebrate our diversity and are proud of our differences. We look for the unique qualities and perspectives each person and partners bring to our team. It is through this lens we are better positioned to assist those in need of our services.

Raise the Bar

We continually strive to hold ourselves and our clients accountable to higher expectations and break the barriers and assumptions of the status quo.

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