iYellow Access is dedicated to the advancement of equitable access and empowerment of persons with disabilities through the provision of Assistive Technology tools and solutions aimed at fostering independence and productivity. We specialize in the assessment, implementation, and support of reasonable accommodations for individuals with a variety of support needs, including but not limited to persons who are blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind, as well as those with mobility or cognitive challenges.

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What We Do

For over 25 years, Access has continued to raise the bar in the delivery of innovative, accessible solutions, providing consulting and advocacy support to disability-centric organizations, as well as educating and supporting rehabilitation services, educational institutions, and government agencies in areas regarding accessibility and inclusion. Our vision is for people of all abilities to have full access. This vision cannot be realized unless we approach all challenges together. We view our work as a partnership, and as such, we are in it together - your success is our success.

Our Services

Assistive Technology Training

We focus on the intersection of Assistive Technology and Information Technology, with the understanding AT is always used within an IT context. We offer training programs for AT users and the IT professionals who support them in both group and individual settings.


We have a first-hand, in-depth knowledge of what it means to be an organization equally accessible to all. As leaders in disability inclusion, and employment and workplace accessibility, we offer expert accessibility consulting services in two areas: organizational accessibility and reasonable accommodations.


Access for all is not fully provided if training, compliance, or support are missing. While there are many ways to support an individual to achieve full access, our support expertise lies in on-demand Assistive Technology support and providing Workplace Personal Assistants.

Are You an Accessible Organization?

We believe training, compliance, and support are the underpinnings of access, as it relates to Assistive Technology and reasonable accommodations. Access is not fully provided if training, compliance, or support are missing. As a team of AT experts, our strength lies in supporting accessible organizations - organizations committed to equitable access - providing the same opportunities to succeed regardless of ability. If you would like to be an accessible organization, contact iYellow Access today to get started.