iYellow Captions provides numerous services that act as an alternative to the spoken word at events, meetings, and conferences. Through the use of our high-speed networks and innovative technology, we are able to stream captions with almost no delay, giving everyone an equal experience.

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We provide two types of Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services – on-site and remote. Our on-site CART provider will attend your event and use a stenotype machine to translate everything to text. With remote services, the provider will listen at a different location while still producing fast results.

Captions can be viewable on multiple devices, including a large screen at the event for everyone attending.

Webinar and Video Captioning

We also provide captioning for live webinar events, as well as recorded videos. For live events, we will give you a web link or iframe link. Users will be able to see the captions in real time as the speaker talks. Our services work with popular streaming services such as Zoom, Adobe Connect, Teams, and Slack.


iYellow transcription services convert audio to a plain text form at a very high accuracy. It can be used for previously recorded videos, webinars, and more. This not only improves accessibility, but it can also be useful for keeping a written record.

Do You Need Caption Services?

iYellow Captions' services are accurate, efficient, and useful in any setting. If you’re looking for captioning services for your next conference or event, we are here to help. Contact iYellow Captions today to get started.